Callie’s Tribal Boho / Coachella Party

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COACHELLA OOH NANA! We had a ton of inspiration for this Coachella / Tribal Boho Chic themed cake by Sugarcraft MNL. We wanted to capture that gypsy soul, that hippie heart, and that fairy spirit but with subtle hues. And based on the client’s reaction, I think we nailed it.

Theme: Tribal Boho / Coachella | Colors: White, Blush, Coral, Green | Venue: Philam Homes Clubhouse, Quezon City

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Thank you, Mommy Karen, for making us part of Callie’s party. Happy Birthday, Callie!

Cake: Sugarcraft MNL
Venue: Philam Homes Clubhouse, Quezon City
Coordination & Styling: Simplifun Party Shop
Catering: The Creamery Catering
Photo & Video: Thee Creation Media
Host & Magician: Chayno
Food Carts: Simplifun Party Shop
Invites & Souvenirs: Zoe Design & Paperie
Photo Booth: Veyron’s Photobooth

~ Joey Legaspi

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