Arkin’s Minecraft Birthday Party

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MINE-BLOWING! You don’t need a pick and a shovel to throw an amazing party for your little one who’s bitten by the Minecraft craze. All you need is a Sugarcraft MNL Minecraft cake and that should do the trick.

Theme: Minecraft | Colors: Green, Black, Red, Brown | Venue: The Clubhouse at Third, Green Meadows, Quezon City

1234570428937_1415928311904583_3167494305845608448_o70431537_1415907615239986_931561729144389632_o70463805_1415908921906522_3727470496925614080_o70463808_1415907511906663_6787492033691910144_o70575109_1415906755240072_8916650795701633024_o70578282_1415911265239621_6493984452698439680_o70586580_1415907978573283_4109838292688568320_o70628161_1415909101906504_4992634546542346240_o70649347_1415909431906471_427482767895298048_o70653149_1415909155239832_7512207785673621504_o70660214_1415909301906484_1594536531677151232_o70664363_1415909261906488_7009510300655288320_o70670039_1415910601906354_2678847424084049920_o70717387_1415908781906536_301881117953228800_o70757903_1415910105239737_1070055449274875904_o70760256_1415906808573400_6644376228671258624_o70782357_1415911391906275_368006747975057408_o70796669_1415909608573120_2458421919972589568_o70802316_1415908845239863_7214166875289157632_o70819297_1415907648573316_6707467756356239360_o70839469_1415908871906527_7164257937970429952_o70842731_1415908805239867_2504311888888725504_o70868900_1415907761906638_6807260776017952768_o70874455_1415908518573229_1632668217698680832_o70909546_1415908618573219_3253620898485239808_o70949584_1415911401906274_8147792288974635008_o70998709_1415910235239724_7567839741144465408_o71105745_1415911495239598_1657263631387066368_o71183991_1415909648573116_4666519908845092864_o71258117_1415911338572947_8212115810848604160_o71309145_1415908708573210_525468001462386688_oSugarcraft Blog Thumbnails 2(5)

Thank you, Mommy Grace, for making us part of Arkin’s party. Happy Birthday, Arkin!

Cake: Sugarcraft MN
Location: The Clubhouse on Greenmeadows
Photography: Cradles
Event Styling: The Event Authority Ph
Catering: The Creamery Catering
Kid’s Activity Area: The Party Project
Donut Wall: Donut Wall by Hazel
Ice Cream Cart: Big AL’s Cookie Jar Ice Cream
Host, Story Telling & Face Paint: Make Believe Productions
Videography: Ripples of Live
Lights and Sounds: Verve Events Production
Entertainment: Alab Poi Fire and LED dancer

~ Joey Legaspi

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