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UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE. We love how some parties these days are going for that minimalist, delicate, and effortless feel. It’s incredibly inspiring for cake designers like me to whip up a Sugarcraft MNL cake that flows seamlessly with the subtle sophistication of it all.

Theme: Floral, Casual Chic, Garden Tea Party | Colors: White, Blush, Mint, Green, Pastel Yellow | Venue: Lola Café, Quezon City

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Thank you, Mommy Stephanie, for making us part of Stella Riley’s Christening Party. Welcome to the Christian world, Stella! God bless!

Cake, Cupcake, Cake Pops, Cookies, and Chocolate-covered Oreo Pops: Sugarcraft MNL
Photography: Ivy Tuason Photography

~ Joey Legaspi

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